Chapter 16
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Aram Goudsouzian

The Problem with Policing

In Occupied Territory, Simon Balto digs at the roots of the current turmoil over race and policing

Simon Balto’s Occupied Territory provides a history of race and policing in Chicago over the course of the 20th century. Balto will speak about the book on October 20 at a virtual event hosted on the Facebook page of the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change, which awarded him its 2019 National Book Award.

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Dreams and Nightmares

Nicholas Buccola dissects the dramatic 1965 debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley

In The Fire Is Upon Us, Nicholas Buccola tells the story of the famous Cambridge Union confrontation between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley, revealing both the roots of our current racial dilemmas and the experiences of these two significant intellectuals. Buccola will join a virtual conversation with Terrence Tucker of the University of Memphis on September 24.

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Democracy’s Double-Edged Sword

Kellie Carter Jackson explains how black abolitionists employed the political language of violence

In Force and Freedom, historian Kellie Carter Jackson places black abolitionists at the center of the coming of the Civil War. 

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The Age of Clinton

Presidential scholar Michael Nelson assesses the political landscape of the 1990s

In Clinton’s Elections, Michael Nelson provides an in-depth examination of the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections, explaining how they drove the Democratic Party toward the political center and previewed our own era of extreme polarization. Nelson will discuss the book at Novel in Memphis on March 15.

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Memories of Massacre

Historians Beverly Bond and Susan O’Donovan illuminate a tragic chapter in Memphis history

With Remembering the Memphis Massacre, a collection of essays by notable historians, editors Beverly Bond and Susan O’Donovan bring to light a forgotten chapter in Southern history and explain how it shaped the future of American democracy. Bond and O’Donovan will discuss the book at Novel in Memphis on March 10.

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Mississippi Murder

Historian Trent Brown unpacks the meaning of the 1969 murder of a young girl

In Murder in McComb, Trent Brown revisits the killing of 12-year-old Tina Andrews, investigating both the crime and its larger meaning. Brown will discuss the book at Novel in Memphis on February 25.   

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