Chapter 16
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Joe Nolan

Looking at the Pictures

A new Nashville gallery show features picture books in the making

October 4, 2010 Now on display in East Nashville’s Art & Invention Gallery is an exhibit of children’s books and related items by five familiar faces in Nashville’s art scene. Athena Workman, Bethany Taylor, Bill Elliot, Greg Morneau, and Julie Sola created the work in the gallery’s second annual Proto Pulp–Classic Books of the Future, a collection of children’s picture books-in-progress. The show runs through October 17.

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In Shape

A new gallery show at the Nashville Public Library puts poetry on display

August 11, 2010 People apparently started writing shaped poetry—in which words are arranged to create a picture—as soon as they began writing verse. An exhibit at the main Nashville Public Library includes examples of the practice dating from ancient times to the present. Boasting thirty prints of poems by E.E. Cummings, Lewis Carroll, Guillaume Apollinaire, Andre Breton, Gertrude Stein, and others, it’s a compelling collection of work that occupies a space where poetry and painting overlap.

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