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Sean Kinch

The Second-Chance Ranch

In Julia Claiborne Johnson’s Better Luck Next Time, desperate women seeking divorces find friendship and love

Set at a “divorce ranch” in Reno, Nevada, Julia Claiborne Johnson’s Better Luck Next Time describes the surprising, tender friendships that develop between two women looking to end their marriages and a young ranch hand who helps them transition to new lives.

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The Natural

Singled Out recounts the athletic feats and personal tragedies of baseball’s Glenn Burke

In Singled Out, Andrew Maraniss charts the phenomenal rise and terrible fall of Glenn Burke, a gifted athlete who struggled to conceal his sexuality at a time when there was no place for a gay man in the game of baseball. Maraniss will discuss the book at a virtual event hosted by Parnassus Books in Nashville on March 2.

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Empty Gyms

On basketball in a pandemic, private milestones, and a teary farewell to Paul Westphal

Watching the NBA this season makes me think of empty gyms not as unfortunate pandemic protocol, but as basketball returning to its purest state.

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Defying the Logic of Love

A debut story collection depicts magical metamorphoses in the wake of catastrophe

Nathan Elias’ debut story collection, The Reincarnations, features characters who attempt to redefine themselves after enduring heartbreak and grief.

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An Uptick in Fondness for the World

George Saunders shares his passion for 19th-century Russian masters of the short story

In A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, George Saunders relates the insights he has gathered from 20 years of teaching 19th-century Russian short stories to aspiring writers. Saunders will discuss the book at a ticketed virtual event hosted by Parnassus Books in Nashville on January 19.

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Why Am I Alive?

Michael Farris Smith imagines the troubled pre-Gatsby years of Fitzgerald’s Nick Carraway

In Nick, a new novel depicting the life of Nick Carraway before the turbulent summer of The Great Gatsby, Michael Farris Smith drags his hero through war, heartbreak, and the violent underworld of New Orleans.

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