Chapter 16
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Visible Signs

I’m looking for whatever support comes along, earthly and otherworldly

I’m a believer in synchronicity: one sighting begets another — the more you see, the more you get — like these spiraled pearls outside my door just as summer ends, on the cusp of bittersweetness when losses cut deeper in autumn, bleed into the brilliant dying back.

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Charting a Course

A childhood friendship filled with possibility

In our play, Jim and I coexist in a landscape of our own discovery with an atmosphere of richer oxygen. The world opens up in a new way, more becomes possible, there is a new kind of magic and an altered reality.

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Big Man on Campus

James Dickey in the classroom

In those days I wanted to become a novelist, but Mr. Dickey, author of a bestselling novel and wildly successful screenplay, taught only poetry, which he called in one of his book titles “the central motion.” So poetry it was.

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Shareable Treasures

There is no better gift than a story

I used to think about the longevity of gifts. What could be given that would be cherished for more than a handful of days or a couple of weeks? Finally, after I had a few years of teaching behind me, I figured it out: stories. Stories do not fade.

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My Favorite Chapter

A writer reflects on her long relationship with Chapter 16

It’s been more than 10 years since I took those tentative and unwitting steps toward a part-time career as a “professional writer,” a label I never would have dared apply to myself until Margaret Renkl gave me permission.

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Three-Day Business Trip

A life-changing journey 

FROM THE CHAPTER 16 ARCHIVE: I arrived in Zagreb in the evening of Thursday, April 15, 1993 — the first step of a planned three-day business trip. I expected to return home to Bosnia as soon as it was done.

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