Chapter 16
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Emily’s Way

Poetry still has a place in our lives

“I can certainly use these for Poetry Month,” I’ll say to no one in particular, as if strangers might look askance at a person buying five books of poetry but not at a woman talking to herself.

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Sinners List

How do we reconcile a belief in forgiveness with years of public shaming?

It’s Georgia law that sex offenders register with the state each year, but in Blue Ridge, the local paper also publishes current and former offenders, with their name, age, and photo. And there was Harold, with his big, bumpy nose and kind eyes.

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Art in the Pandemic

Finding joy during difficult times

My museum adventure is an antidote to the emotional numbness that has set in during the pandemic, an escape from an endless Monopoly game of boxes that isolate and bankrupt emotionally.

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Daylight till Dark

I wondered why my father never cared for gardening

My father loved his fruit trees, but unlike my mother and grandfather, he took no interest in growing vegetables. One day, a few years before his death, I learned why.

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Singin’ in the Rain

It’s not COVID; my throat is sore from singing all day

I come from the country that invented karaoke. I still remember going to my first karaoke when I was in first grade, with my two friends from school and all of our moms. We went to eat ramen afterwards. It was a perfect day.

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