Chapter 16
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Wielding Power Softly

Amy Greenberg’s new biography calls Sarah Polk the ‘First Lady who was a lady first’

Amy S. Greenberg, professor of history and women’s studies at Penn State University, will talk about Lady First, her biography of Sarah Childress Polk, at a Tennessee Historical Society event on February 27 at the Fort Negley Visitor Center in Nashville.

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God’s Will

A new book considers the legacy of Will Campbell, writer, minister, and activist

As a songwriter, novelist, minister, and tireless advocate for incarcerated, marginalized, and hard-to-know-what-to-do-with people, Will Campbell—author of Brother to a Dragonfly—defied every category. A new book considers his legacy.

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A Greener Frequency

Richard Powers’s latest novel, The Overstory, lets readers listen in on the voices of trees

In ancient myths, people change into trees. The Overstory, the latest novel by new-to-Tennessee Richard Powers, examines the myth-like power trees still have to change people into something more selfless and more attentive.

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