Chapter 16
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A Taste of Tennessee’s History

Taproots of Tennessee is equal parts history, cookbook, and travel guide

Songwriter Lynne Drysdale Patterson visited 17 historical sites across the state to gather the material for Taproots of Tennessee, a book that reaches across genres to deliver historical narrative, travel information, and recipes from each place.

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The Hidden Heartbeat of Music City

In Shake Your Hips, Randy Fox tells the story of Nashville’s Excello Records

Nashville’s reputation as the capital of the country-music industry belies the fact that some of the city’s deepest, richest musical veins trace back to Nashville’s African-American community. In Shake Your Hips, Randy Fox describes the canny conversion of art and commerce that led Ernie Young to found Excello Records, tapping into the hidden heartbeat of Music City and broadcasting it to the world.

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God’s Will

A new book considers the legacy of Will Campbell, writer, minister, and activist

As a songwriter, novelist, minister, and tireless advocate for incarcerated, marginalized, and hard-to-know-what-to-do-with people, Will Campbell—author of Brother to a Dragonfly—defied every category. A new book considers his legacy.

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