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So Many Stories to Be Told

Ruta Sepetys on her passion for sharing underrepresented history

With her latest novel, I Must Betray You, award-winning YA author Ruta Sepetys returns to the difficult task of telling an unfamiliar story from history: the struggles of people living under the brutal Ceaușescu regime in Romania in the late 1980s. She’ll discuss the book with Alan Gratz at a ticketed virtual event hosted by Parnassus Books in Nashville on February 1.

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Foot Soldier for Justice

Kathlyn J. Kirkwood discusses her memoir for young readers on the making of MLK Day

Kathlyn J. Kirkwood discusses her memoir in verse, Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round, as well as the literacy program she runs in Middle Tennessee with her husband, Alan.

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Feeding a Movement

Suzanne Cope profiles Black women who used food to fight for freedom

In Power Hungry, author Suzanne Cope profiles Aylene Quin, a restaurant owner in McComb, Mississippi, and Memphis resident Cleo Silvers, who ran free breakfast programs for the Black Panther Party. By feeding people, they advanced the Black struggle for freedom.

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Made from Angels and Dirt

Becca Stevens on trauma, resilience, and divine love

In Practically Divine, social entrepreneur and Episcopal priest Becca Stevens explores how the wisdom of women opens a place for love to grow even in the aftermath of trauma.

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“The Voice Is My Key”

Playwright and poet Dan O’Brien searches for meaning in the chaos of trauma

Dan O’Brien’s A Story That Happens, a collection of essays originally delivered as craft lectures at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, weaves observations on the art of playwriting with deeply personal memoir.

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