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The Comedy of Empathy

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Andrew Sean Greer talks with Chapter 16 about finding his way into a story

From the Chapter 16 archive: “Doubt is essential to the writing life,” Andrew Sean Greer says. “If you only had arrogance, you’d write a book that’s all ego.” 

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The Body as Storyteller

Chanelle Benz talks with Chapter 16 about her debut story collection, The Man Who Shot Out My Eye Is Dead

From the Chapter 16 archive: “When I was a kid, I loved any kind of historical drama. I loved being transported to different worlds, historical or fantastical.” Fiction writer—and new Memphis transplant—Chanelle Benz talks with Chapter 16.

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The Choice Either to Wail or Smile

Tim Gautreaux talks with Chapter 16 about his story collection, Signals

From the Chapter 16 archive: Chattanooga-area novelist Tim Gautreaux talks about the pitfalls of regionalism, the influence of James Dickey and Flannery O’Connor, the challenges of writing short fiction, and the imperatives of religious faith.

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Rivers Untamed

Tyler J. Kelley chronicles great American rivers and a century of effort to control them

The Mississippi, the Ohio, the Missouri, and the Arkansas rivers loom large in American history. In Holding Back the River: The Struggle Against Nature on America’s Waterways, Tyler J. Kelley uses the stories of several memorable characters to examine the history of efforts to tame the rivers. He also considers a daunting future of crumbling levees and rising waters.

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Traumas of the Spirit

Beverly Tsacoyianis investigates psychological trauma in Middle Eastern history

Disturbing Spirits, by historian Beverly Tsacoyianis, trains its lens on the psychological scars of war and upheaval in 20th-century Syria and Lebanon. She will discuss the book at a virtual event hosted by Novel in Memphis on June 17.

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A Good Man in a Nest of Evil

Curtis Wilkie reveals the story of a brave man who informed on the Mississippi KKK

When Evil Lived in Laurel, by legendary journalist Curtis Wilkie, tells a story of civil rights, murder, far-right lunacy, and a brave man who stood up against injustice.

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