Chapter 16
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Edd Hurt

Loving Country

Willie, Waylon, and the Boys tells the stories of Nashville’s quintessential outsiders

The music scene in Nashville is tricky and hard to describe until you figure out how obsessed the city is with the relationship between conformity and rebellion. Brian Fairbanks provides plenty of detail about the full-cylinder lives of country music iconoclasts Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings in Willie, Waylon, and the Boys: How Nashville Outsiders Changed Country Music Forever.

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The Quintessential Pop-Country Singer

The Life and Times of Patsy Cline offers deep background on a Nashville icon

Margaret Jones’ The Life and Times of Patsy Cline portrays a complex woman and a gifted artist whose best records transcend genre.

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Avant-Garde Traditionalist

Taylor Hagood uncovers the life and death of country music icon David “Stringbean” Akeman

Taylor Hagood’s Stringbean: The Life and Murder of a Country Music Legend lays out David Akeman’s life story and details the murder of Akeman and his wife, Estelle, at their house near Nashville on November 10, 1973.

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Working for a Living

Songwriter James Talley tells his own story in Nashville City Blues

James Talley’s Nashville City Blues chronicles the singer/songwriter’s career and his encounters with the music business.

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