Chapter 16
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Six Haiku

Book Excerpt: Old Roads

Six Haiku

into a single blue
lake and sky

the crickets
they change tune

horses snort
breath from their nostrils
fills the air

amid cracked stones
of the cemetery —
wild strawberries

slow falling star
forming a line
with the airplanes

Big Dipper
flying through it:
jet plane

Six Haiku

Copyright © 2021 by Brett Taylor. All rights reserved. Old Roads is a collection of haiku and photographs by East Tennessee writer Brett Taylor. The photographs were taken in an array of Tennessee locations, including Wartburg, Petros, Greenback, Pall Mall, Norris, Cades Cove, and south Knoxville. Taylor has written for The South Carolina Review, Skeptical Inquirer, Fortean Times, FilmfaxGreen Mountains Review, Folio, Ampersand, Redivider, Big Muddy and San Pedro River Review.    

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