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The Colors of Music

In a new memoir, Steve Dorff collects tales from a life devoted to song

Songwriter and composer Steve Dorff’s new memoir, I Wrote That One, Too… A Life in Songwriting from Willie to Whitney, tells stories of creativity, encounters with stars, and lessons from a colorful life.

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In Barbecue As in Life

The Proffitts of Ridgewood is a look at one of the most beloved restaurants in the Southeast

In The Proffitts of Ridgewood, Fred W. Sauceman tells the story of his favorite barbecue joint and the Appalachian family behind it.

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Lifting the Long Black Veil

Michael Bishop’s A Murder in Music City tells a tale of murder, corruption, and a search for justice

Nashvillian Michael Bishop spins a web of murder, corruption, unforgiven sins, and a search for the truth in his debut true-crime book, A Murder in Music City.

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A Life’s Work to Save the Planet

Despite climate calamities unfolding daily around the globe, Al Gore finds hope for the future

An Inconvenient Sequel unpacks the latest scientific data about climate change and spotlights ongoing advocacy efforts around the world. For this book Al Gore focuses on three simple questions: “Must we change?” “Can we change?” “Will we change?”

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Looking Back—and Looking Forward

Editor Adam Ross talks with Chapter 16 about the 500th issue of The Sewanee Review

This fall marks the publication of the 500th issue of The Sewanee Review and a full year of issues under Adam Ross’s leadership. Today the Nashville novelist talks with Chapter 16 about how the past informs the present—and influences the future—at the oldest literary magazine in the country.

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Of Ghost Plants and Whooping Cranes

Naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales considers a dozen exceptional species in Ephemeral by Nature

In his collection of essays, Ephemeral by Nature, naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales is deeply philosophical about our burdened planet. He makes a convincing case for joy and curiosity despite—or perhaps because of—the transience of all living things.

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